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Kiel Industries was founded in 1989 by Maxine and Colin Kiel. Once a small family concern in the suburbs of Melbourne, it is now a prominent leader in the rotational moulding industry.
Colin Kiel had several years in the industry prior to 1989, which means he has years of experience in the ‘art’ of rotational moulding.
Kiel Industries has developed their own style of affordable tooling. With their own design service and in-house mould making facilities, Kiel is able to offer their customers the best speed and pricing.

Custom Care from Design and Production to Assembly and Distribution

Our process allows for fast moulding with high-quality results. That’s because we are here to help you from design and production to assembly and distribution. Whether you need a short production run or a long-term solution, we provide the best services for your unique situation.

Custom Design

Kiel’s equipment is specially designed to offer an economic advantage with short production runs that are so vital to the Australian supply chain in this modern era. Kiel Industries is the only company in Australia with specialised moulding equipment. Of equal advantage, this equipment also offers competitive pricing for high volume production. Along with their technically advanced equipment and in-house tooling facilities, Kiel Industries offers their customers the best possible services.

Leading Australia

Kiel Industries continues to lead Australia in the material handling industry because we carry and supply the largest range of plastic pallets in the southern hemisphere. Our innovative ideas and products are used to give businesses production options that they otherwise would not have. If you have a project that requires advanced moulding technology, give us a call today.
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