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Ice Baths

Ice Bath Recovery Tubs

ice bath recovery tubs

Conquer your training goals with one of our high-quality ice baths and utilise the healing power of cold water therapy to up your game to the next level.

Our ice bath is specifically designed for sports clubs that require a reliable system for all their members, whether they be professional athletes or weekend warriors. Whether you’re playing in your home ground or away, our ice bath recovery tub is designed for to be portable to suit the needs of your team, post-match.

Our ice bath features:

  • Compact size (Length 1400mm x Width 700mm x Height 1130mm)
  • A lightweight and hand-truckable unit (only 60 kg when empty)
  • Handles on both sides for easy lifting
  • Heavy duty LLPE dual wall plastic construction
  • Large areas for club logos and sponsorship
  • Dual colour combinations to suit club colours
  • Steps for safe access

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