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Large Tree Planter



The Kiel Large Tree Planter is a 700 litre pot, ideal for urban gardens, street and car park bollards. it is 1,300 mm in diameter, and 1,000 mm in height.

Display Bollards



At only 4.5kg, Kiel Industries’ chain bollard offers an attractive, light and very stable option for chain barriers. Moulded in UV stabilised polyethylene in any colour that may be desired, the bollard is ideal for permanent or temporary barriers. Holes are provided to fix plastic chain or similar. When ballasted with water, the bollard becomes more stable and harder to move, but easily emptied for handling and storage. The optional top, with ample space for A3 displays, turns the bollard into a portable lectern or display sign platform. We can think of plenty of applications – Car Museum protection barrier; Restaurant Menu holder; Queuing aisle organising; POS display; temporary safety barrier or safety sign – what application do you have?

Motor Covers



Motor covers are used in many different industries to protect pumps and electrical motors from damage during washdown procedures. Small – Burra 400 x 400 mm, Small – M.G. 550 x 400 mm, Medium 700 x 550 mm, Large 900 x 600 mm




Apart from being ideal as a floating platform for pumping out effluent ponds or lagoons, this pontoon can act as a handy landing platform or stable mounting arrangement for any number of aquatic requirements and if “decked” can be an ideal swimming platform. There are six solid mounting lugs moulded into the pontoon which allows for 5/8″ mounting bolts to securely attach any individually built mounting frame or platform. Working closely with our customers to design and produce a product specific to their needs, Kiel Industries has the facilities to turn an idea to a product. We work closely with our customers from the design stages, to mould manufacture and through to finished product.

Poolside Stools






Food processing











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