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Plastic Bins & Crates

Invest In Our Quality Plastic Containers

Choose from our expansive range of plastic bins for indoor and outdoor usage. We’ll find the correct storage container for your business or find the right unit for your rubbish bin enclosures.

We produce plastic bins to suit all kinds of tasks. Our plastic services can be used for commercial projects like wheelie park bins enclosures, bulk handling bins to storage solutions for offices. From large plastic bins to park rubbish bins, no job is too big or small for our manufacturing company. Some examples of our plastic manufacturing capabilities include:

  • 650 litre and 980-litre bins
  • Wheeled bins enclosures
  • Commercial plastic bins
  • Heavy duty bins
  • Units for street bin surroundings
  • Park recycling bins
  • Industrial storage bins

The variety of bins we have at Kiel Industries are all created to accommodate for any project. All of our plastic bins are specially designed to suit industry standards and requirements. Our service is available for plastic containers to keep your workspace organised to stationary street litter bins and wheeled bin surrounds for parks and residential areas. We can provide your company with the following:

Collapsible Tote Bins

Collapsible Tote BinsCollapsible Tote Bins
  • When empty, the Tote box collapses down for economical return freight
  • Erected 1140 x 570 x 570mm
  • Collapsed 1140 x 570 x 225mm
  • Interlocking design when stacked vertically & diagonally

650 Litre Bin

650 Litre Bin
  • 1165 x 1165 x 780mm
  • 52 kg
  • 4 way forklift access
  • Stackable
  • Smooth internal floor
  • Walls allow easy cleaning
  • Optional lid available

Hopper Bins

Hopper Bins
  • 1165 x 1165 x 1370mm
  • 980L capacity
  • Has a conical interior which allows a product to feed through
  • 200mm stainless steel slide gate located at the bottom of the bin

Ultra Bin

Ultra Bin
  • 1160 x 1160 x 1350mm
  • 1300L capacity
  • Optional lid available

The Tri-series Produce Bins

The Tri-series Produce Bins
  • Traditionally, plastic injection moulded bins are stackable only, and rotationally moulded bins are nestable only. Our Tri-Series bins are unique because they are both stackable and nestable. This helps you save space and money for economical return freight.
  • 1150 x 1000 x 540mm
  • 400L capacity

KR Bin

KR Bin
  • 1160 x 1160 x 950mm
  • The KR Bin has a capacity of 800 Litres
  • It is extremely strong, designed to hold liquids without distorting

The Universal Bin

The Universal Bin
  • Base 1150 x 1150 x 150, Bin 1130 x 1130 x 970
  • 900L capacity
  • Bin is separate to the base
  • Stackable and nestable (when base, bins and lids are separated)
  • Lid included

Vegie Bin

Vegie Bin
  • 1150 x 1000 x 540mm
  • 400L capacity
  • 2 way forklift access
  • Produced for the Snow Pea Industry in South Gippsland Victoria
  • Is ideal for wine grape harvesting
  • Minimises grape damage and juice loss

Flexi Bin

Flexi Bin
  • Flexi (left) 1160 x 1160 x 1100mm
  • High Sided Flexi (right) 1160 x 1160 x 1610mm
  • Fully collapsible
  • Allows full or half access at two opposing sides
  • There are no mechanical catches
  • Safe to use and easily cleaned
  • Optional lids available
  • Optional fork rails available

Get Our Premier Range Of Plastic Bins For Your Next Project

Talk to one of our helpful production members today. Let our dedicated crew take care of your production needs. Whether you need our products for a park bin surrounding and residential area, personal or industrial use, Kiel Industries can provide you with reliable storage solutions.

Discuss your plastic bins needs with us today by calling (03) 5135 3900. You can also send an email inquiry to


High-Quality Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are the perfect storage solution for all your residential, commercial and industrial needs. At Kiel Industries we manufacture a wide variety of reliable plastic crates to suit your needs.

Our range of plastic crates include:

Pallet Tote Tray

Pallet Tote Tray
  • 1160mm x 1160mm x 350mm
  • Pallet tote trays are ideal for storage of irregular items
  • Available in a range of colours

40 Litre Crate

40 Litre Crate
  • 900mm x 520mm x 175mm
  • Nestable and stackable
  • Available in a range of colours

12 & 20 L Crates

12 & 20 L Crates
  • 12 Litre Crate – 360mm x 280mm x 190mm
  • 20 Litre Crate – 730mm x 300mm x 120mm
  • Nestable only
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Can include your company logo or identification

Order Our Plastic Crates Today

Are you looking for plastics manufacturing for an upcoming production task? Talk to one of our engineers today. We can help you with all your plastic storage needs. Call us now on (03) 5135 3900 to bulk order our plastic crate and create a custom product to accommodate your requirements.

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