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Spill Bunds

Reliable Spill Bunds For Drums And Containers

Are you after oil drum spill pallets or a 2 drum spill containment pallet for your next industrial job? Take care of any excess liquids with one of our robust spill bunds. Ensure any liquid spillages from oils, chemicals or other waste is safely secured by a bunded spill tray.

Due to the health and safety hazards of certain liquids and spillages, a spill control pallet helps you comply with EPA regulations and legislation requirements. Ensure you are complying with EPA regulations. Current legislation states bunded pallets must be 25% of the total stored, or 110% of the largest container, whichever is the most.

Designed with forklift access, our drum spill containment pallets are constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene, which doesn’t rust or corrode and can withstand the knocks and scuffs of the industrial environment. The variety of spill bunds we have available include:

IBC Bund B1100

IBC Bund B1100
  • 1640mm x 1440mm x 900mm; 1100L
  • Ideal for all 1000 litre IBC’s
  • Light-weight
  • Designed for easy placement and portability
  • Has a weather cover as an optional accessory for those who need to use this unit outdoors

Bunding Pallet B250

Bunding Pallet B250
  • 1240mm x 1240mm x 300mm; 250L
  • Storage of standard Chep sized pallets
  • Holds 4 x 200-litre drums.
  • Safely use with or without a pallet
  • Has a central drain point for easy access
  • Suits all types of racking like drive-in racks
  • Has a locking standard for 840mm width beams

Bunded Pallet B80

Bunded Pallet B80
  • 1160mm x 1160mm x 150mm; 80L
  • Economical bunding for smaller or odd drums
  • Holds up to 80 litres
  • Suits storage in Dexion type beam racking

2 Drum Spill Containment Pallet K2DB

2 Drum Spill Containment Pallet K2DB
  • 1315mm x 705mm x 500mm; 250L
  • Fits neatly against wall
  • Capacity of 2 x 200-litre drums
  • Has forklift pockets for secure movement

Along with our catalogue of bunding pallets and other accessories, we can also provide a custom-made spill containment platform for your company. Get in touch with one of our designers to learn more about how we can create a tailored spill bund product to suit your project.

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